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Post Tensioning Institiute

Greg Redmond has over 35 years experience in the ironworking industry, with specialized experience in post-tensioning construction. Over the years he has collaborated with industry experts on hundreds of post-tensioning projects. The post-tensioning industry is an ever expanding and evolving field that benefits both from experience and the ability to innovate. Today, Greg focuses on collaborative technical consulting with contractors, suppliers, owners, and designers to assist them with post-tensioning project support, planning, training, and developing specialized post-tensioning equipment to meet their needs.

Let's put our heads together and see what we can do!



Noteable Projects:

1979 * Satsop Nuclear Plant * Foundation anchors

1982 * Hood Canal West Half Replacement

1985-1987 * 3rd Lake Washington Floating Bridge Pontoon Construction and Assembly

1988-1989 * 3rd Lake CIP Balanced Cantilever 

1991-1992 * I-90 Lacey V. Morrow Replacement Floating Bridge Pontoons

1995 * Puyallup River Bridge CIP Balanced Cantilever

1996 * Tacoma 705-509 Interchange*CIP Box Girder

2002 * Skagit River Bridge * 950' Spliced Precast Girders

2005 * Hood Canal East Half * Pontoons and Joining

2006 * New Tacoma Narrows Bridge

2006 * Sound Transit * Seatac Station

2007 * Oakland Bay Bridge * Touchdown & West Tie-in

2009 * Galena Creek Bridges * CIP Box Girders

2012 * SR520 Pontoons, Joining and CIP Bal. Cant.

2015 * Sound Transit * Seatac Extension

Post -Tensioning Institute

"Iron Sharpening Iron"

American Segemental Bridge Institiute

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